Getting To Know Your Bench Press

The bench press is an important workout. However it must be duly noted that the flat bench press and the exercise alone is not an efficient way to work your chest. Consider your chest’s shape, it needs to be hit at multiple angles and by multiple exercises i.e:

Flat Bench
Incline Bench
Decline Bench

When incorporated to a super set, it is advantageous to incorporate a bench press with some dumbbell fly work. Therefore a bench press in the flat position would benefit from a flat position circular fly, or squeezing the chest together type fly. These exercises are grouped by ‘pushing’ and ‘squeezing’ the muscle groups. Here are some examples of these exercises: The dumbbell fly can be executed in much the same way as a varied level of bench press i.e. incline (upper chest), decline (lower chest) and flat position (central chest).

Smith Machine Bench Presses

A smith machine is great for an accurate and controlled bench press. It can help to develop your repetition form, which is important. Remember, control the weights, don’t let the weights control you. If you find that adding weight to your bench press routine is causing a detrimental effect to your form, try applying the weight to the smith machine. Essentially, the smith machine will allow a perfect rep in your bench press exercise as it can only be pushed forward and restrained on the return in a stringent manner.

Dumbell Bench Press Exercises

We’ve established that the chestrequires a workout from different angles and by different types of exercises i.e. “pressing” motions (bench) and “squeezing” motions (flys). Dumbbells can be used to achieve a shapely chest in many ways. You can use dumbbells to vary your pushing exercises and as an alternative to bench presses. By using the pushing technique, you can use an incline, decline or flat position to push the dumbbells away from you at different angles. The closer together your hands finish as a result of the pushing motion, the closer to the centre of your chest you are working.

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