Pick Up Some Dumbbells Now!


Dumbbells are the cornerstone of any free weight or mass building exercise. Whether its biceps, triceps, lats, pecs and even legs, the dumbbell has been a part of the gym family since free weight exercise began. You can use machines in line with dumbbell exercises, which makes them very versatile and almost crucial to any workout regardless of your goals.

Here is a great video below from The Body Coach that utilies dumbbells into a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. The video demonstrates that dumbbells are not there just for the sole purpose of building muscele mass, as they can be used to add intensity to your cardio workout and improve your overal fitness level.

Adjustable Dumbbells

If you’re regularly working out in a gym, the issue around adjustable dumbbells is not likely to be apparent. This is because an abundance of different weight levels are available with a quick visit to the rack. However if you are working out from home or in your garage, having an abundance of weight may be more important than you think.

Having a training partner is great for motivation, realising mistakes in your form etc. What if you don’t have that? You simply need to maintain your level of momentum and form as best you can. Adjustable dumbbells are great initially, as you may be strapped for cash or a beginner getting used to form over the amount of weight. However, when you are upping your game, ensure to have plenty of weights available to start the next set quickly, thus maintaining intensity within your workout. If you want to develop your workout and subsequently your body, you don’t want to waste time between sets changing weights.

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