Weight Loss — 03 May 2012
Fast Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Fast

The title of this article has no doubt grabbed your attention. Just how do you lose weight fast? First of all you need to consider the following elements before you even start initiating a fast weight loss program:

  1. Starving yourself will not work as the body will retain fat reserves as it is a survival reflex
  2. Thinking that water retention can be remedied by drinking less water is a myth
  3. Losing weight fast can cause medical complications such as gall stones (more common in women)
  4. going to the gym for 2 – 3 days a week will not aid the most desirable result i.e. “fast weight loss”


Starving to Lose Weight Fast

By starving yourself, you are in fact making it even more difficult to lose weight. Why? The human body is a mechanism for survival, therefore if you starve yourself, your body will go into survival mode. How does it do this? By way of increasing your fat stores for the lack of food that it thinks is ahead. Some nutrition is better than no nutrition and balanced nutrition is the key to losing weight fast.


Water Retention

The human body naturally stores water. To check if your excessive weight is primarily water based, simply pinch the fattest part of your body and allow the skin to retract. If you recognise a rippling effect when the skin retracts, you should perhaps consider a water reduction element to your fast weight loss routine. Believe it or not, drinking more water is the method for dealing with water retention! This is because your body is naturally holding water as you are not drinking enough of it. You should be consuming at least a gallon of water per day in order to reduce the water retention on your body, which will also aid your liver in processing water more efficiently. In some cases of excessive weight, this can be half the battle.

Medical Complications

When deciding to initiate a fast weight loss program, you need to consider the implications on your body. Women – particularly middle aged women – can develop gall stones from the gall bladder not being able to deal with the amount of cholesterol it now has to produce with fast weight loss. When your weight reduces, the cholesterol within your body naturally starts to reduce, thus sending more of it to the gall bladder to be processed. A stone can form when the amount a gall bladder can process is exceeded, thereby causing solid deposits which can cause great amounts of discomfort.

We recommend that anyone seeking a fast weight loss solution should have a BMI check and seek comprehensive advice from their Doctor.


Weight Loss Consistency

Perhaps you’re doing a weight loss program that is diet only based. That can indeed be a very positive method, particularly if you consider the gall bladder risk. If you are deemed to be low risk for gall stones, then a workout routine simultaneous to your diet could in fact double your efforts. The key to any workout goal is consistency. If you are attending the gym 2 – 3 days per week, you may not recognise the significantly different results from going 4 – 5 days a week. It’s always good to let your body recover and in our personal experience, the best day for this is Wednesday. We all like our weekends free right? So how about Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the gym? There’s no harm in doing Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday of course, but for a weight loss program this will give you up to 3 days not working out. A rest is good but too long of a rest is bad essentially. It’s call intensity and it should be considered in order for your body to be pushed to the correct limits in order to achieve your goals.


Cardio Weight Loss

Fast weight loss is primarily going to be achieved by long rep range, intense cardio based workouts. The best methods are typically exercise bikes, rowing machines, super set low weight and high range dumbell exercise and the like. If you are looking to lose a belly, a daily core workout is also going to be key to losing weight around this area. Consider challenging your legs as much as possible, as your legs burn a lot of calories to use given that they are large muscle groups and a heavier part of your body to exercise. Back exercises are also crucial to ensuring you maintain a healthy posture whilst working to the end of your successful program.

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