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Supplements & Shakes

Diet Goals

Supplements and shakes are used by many gym users, whether for the benefit of weight gain or weight loss. What is the best option for you? This depends entirely on your goals. We’ve categorised some different goal types below:

  • Weight loss: Balancing a diet using food and or supplements to lose weight
  • Weight gain: Increasing dietary intake using food and supplements to gain weight
  • Weight maintenance: Maintaining a calorie intake to remain at the current weight range or BMI

Fast Weight Loss

Fast weight loss (also see here) can be achieved by a low solid food intake and a low carbohydrate and fat / saturated fat supplement. If you are looking to lose weight fast, be sure to check what the amount of calories per day should be consumed in order to achieve your goal. By monitoring calorie intake, we can make informed decisions in what we eat and what supplements we take in order to become successful in losing weight. A low fat and low carbohydrate diet can be aided and if necessary supplemented to a certain degree by using supplements and shakes. Some examples of which are below:

  • Fat burners
  • Low carb shakes
  • Low calorie shakes

Fast Weight Gain

Fast weight gain can be a very difficult thing to achieve. Gaining fat is easy, just drink beers, eat pizza and then sleep. We all know this is unhealthy and not the correct direction to proceed. To gain weight in the case of lean muscle mass, you need to have a higher calorie intake than your metabolic rate (the amount of  energy your body will typically use in a day). Think of your body as a car and your food as fuel. If the car doesn’t have enough fuel to deal with your workout and deal with the recovery period (when your muscles recover and grow back larger and more firm), then you’ll end up frustrated at recognising no results. Two shakes per day additional to four meals should help you to gain weight. Do bear in mind that fat (particularly saturated fat) and carbohydrate intake is also important. Carbohydrates before a workout is beneficial and a shake immediately afterwards aids the recovery period.

  • Fat burners
  • High carb shakes
  • Low carb shakes
  • High protein shakes

Maintaining Your Weight

Maintaining a weight of BMI can actually be a lot more difficult than you think. When we consider the metabolic rate, your body also adapts to calorie intake and starts learning how to deal with it more effectively. For this reason, it is always good to consider the workout routine you have and the supplements you are using. Water retention (also see here) can build up over time which can be confused with increased fat on the body. It is always considered wise to review your workout routine every twelve weeks, along with what supplements you are using. Your body will get used to both and your metabolic rate may increase as a result. Shocking the body with a new routine or diet can help it stop becoming lazy, which is usually the best period of opportunity to increase the amount of weight you are lifting.

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